Who's behind this?

Hi, my name is Antonio. I was born in the wonderful land of Mexico but life has brought me to Poland. I moved to Wrocław in 2006 for an AIESEC intership and just liked it so much that now I'm living here indefinitely :)

I earn my bread and tortillas working as a web developer at Kiwee, I'm a design and photography amateur and love football more than i should.

What about this blog?

The main purpose of this blog is to have my own space to share some part of my life with family and friends as well as register part of my professional knowlege.

"Od samego rana" is a phrase in polish that means literaly "Since early morning". For me it means a lot more, but it's hard to explain :)

Honor for the heros

This blog is made with Jekyll. And I forked the theme in github from Dirk Fabisch, you can see his original version here.



Od samego rana

by Antonio Valdez Arce