Somewhere I heard the concept of "Lonely island playlist" which it's a list of songs you would take with you in case you were going to stay in a lost island. That would give you an idea what songs you like the most. For me it was really hard to decide!

So here's my list. The order is not important:

Lonely Island Playlist by Antonio Valdez on Grooveshark

1. Wordless chorus

by My morning Jacket

This is the first song i hear from My morning Jacket, it was about 8 years ago and it still moves me. I think the band mixes rock, folk and a little of blues in a very nice way to create very melancholic chords.

2. Baby boom

by The Crimea

This song really makes me think about how fast time passes and that we sometimes forget to come back to our basics. I really like The Crimea, i was very dissapointed when they split.

3. Monkey man

by Toots & The Maytals (performs: Los Pericos)

This version is is a very nice cover by a very good latinamerican band, Los Pericos.

4. When You where young

by The Killers

The Killers music really give me very positive energy, important when being alone in an island hu?

5. The gardener

by The tallest man on earth

This musician is one of my latest discoveries. I really like his music specially this song.

6. La vacaloca

by Manu Chao

All the songs of the list bring me a lot of memories. This one was being played by a french driver when he picked me and my girlfriend (now wife :) up while we were hitchhiking through France in our way to Barceloan. When he got to know i'm from Mexico he pushed play and this song started to play!

7. La gran ciudad

by La Maldita Vecindad y los Hijos del Quinto Patio

One of the most representative bands from Mexico, their lyrics are complete stories, real stories that take part in Mexico. This song tells how hard life can be in the streets.

8. Como te extraño mi amor

by Leo Dan (performs: Café Tacvba)

One more taste from Argentina, land of great music (beside Los Pericos), but this song version is being performed by Café Tacvba, another great mexican band.

9. Strip my mind

by Red Hot Chilli Peppers

When I listen to RHCP I can almost feel the California sun in my face. Frusciante's guitar playing is one of my favorites and this song has a lot of it.

10. Soma

by The Strokes

Their retro touch is what made The Strokes to stand out (imho), back in 2003 when i first heard "Is this it" instantly became one of my favorite bands.

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